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MHA introduces new ways to support good sportsmanship!

By Tori Irving 01/23/2019, 11:15am EST

Over the past several weeks, you may have noticed the new posters placed in the rink and regular posts in the MHA Facebook Group promoting good sportsmanship.

Over the past several weeks, you may have noticed the new posters placed in the rink and regular posts in the MHA Facebook Group promoting good sportsmanship.  During several conversations during meetings, the MHA Board has discussed sportsmanship and is making it a priority for our association.

                Good sportsmanship can be difficult to describe.  However, poor sportsmanship is much easier to identify. We feel that dwelling on poor sportsmanship is unproductive. Instead, we would like to take a proactive approach and spend our time focusing on acts and behaviors that promote good sportsmanship.

                To start working on this priority, signs were hung around the rink and posts were published on Facebook to raise awareness in hopes that parents, coaches and players will have conversations about sportsmanship, even if it’s just in the form of a quick sentence or two. Next, board members will be visiting each team and talking with them about the goals, the new sportsmanship committee, expectations and answer any questions that the players and coaches may have.

                A new committee was approved during the January meeting. This committee will be charged with reviewing incidents of poor sportsmanship. We feel that this committee will help our association reach our goals for sportsmanship and also provide a system that will help teach our players more about this aspect of the game.

                In addition to the committee, the board has created two awards to recognize those individuals that have been displayed outstanding and/or consistent behavior that contributes to the goal of promoting good sportsmanship.  These awards will be presented at the annual banquet to two people who best exhibit good sportsmanship while representing Manistique Hockey.  More information on those awards will come as the details are ironed out.

                Lastly, the board is running a banner design contest.  We are asking players to submit a banner design, a phrase, a poster, or drawing etc. that describes what sportsmanship means to them. The submissions will be collected February 1st  and a winner will be selected  by the board and the sportsmanship committee. The banner will hang at center ice for everyone to see! It is our hope that many players will participate and create a sense of pride and ownership.

                As always, if you have any questions, please contact an MHA board member or attend a meeting. Thank you for your continued support of our teams and players and the great game of hockey!

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